Q & A

  Q & A

1. How to get privacy information?
Please refer to "APITA UNY e-Shop" Privacy Policy under Terms and conditions

2. What settings or software does customer need to view the "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
· One connects to internet computer with browser.
· Browser will need Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 4.7 or above and a screen resolution of at least 800x600 pixels.
· One e-mail account

3. How to register a membership of "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
It is easy and free. On the main page, please click "Create an account". Fill in customer personal information and send out. Then customer are free to shop in "APITA UNY e-Shop"

4. What to do when customer forget his/her password?
Members simply click with [Forget Password], and then type in customer, E-mail address. Our system will send out customer new password by e-mail.

5. How to make changes of customer personal information and password?
After login, click into "My Account->Change my account password" to make changes on customer personal information and password.

6. How to know customer order has been confirmed?
After complete customer order in "APITA UNY e-Shop" customer will receive an email confirmation. It contains an invoice number which customer may review his/her order. If customer didn't get any confirmation after order placed, please contact us at 2885-0331 or e-mail to

7. What type of payments are accept "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
Payment by credit card (VISA, Master) and Cash on Delivery are accepted.

8. How to amend the delivery date or location after order?
Please contact us at 2885-0331 or e-mail to for amendment.

9. Customer made an order and before delivery customer would make another order. Could customer arrange the order to be delivered on the same date?
No matter how many times of purchases are made, it is possible to arrange the delivery date on the same date. Customer may choose the delivery date as confirmed in the previous order or select another date. Please contact our customer hotline at 2885-0331 for arrangement

10. Customer made online shopping and APITA store shopping. Could customer arrange the delivery on the same date?
Upon delivery request at APITA UNY Store, please notify our staff for arrangement.

11. If any order is missing, could customer add to the same order number?
Sorry, customer need to make a new order.

12. Could customer make online order for some products which are found in APITA UNY store but not found in "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
Sorry, "APITA UNY e-Shop" shall provide sales service for e-shop products only.

13. Are "APITA UNY e-Shop" and APITA UNY store offered the same shopping privileges?
Shopping privileges are different. Please refer to e-shop promotion messages and store notice for details.

14. Could customer make order by phone or fax?
Sorry, this service is not available.

15. Is delivery service free of charge?
Online shopping member make a purchase of HK$500 (discounted price) or above is entitled a free delivery service (except some location). If the purchase amount is less than HK$500 (discounted price) customer will have to pay for extra delivery charges. Details of special location with extra delivery fee could be found in "Delivery Details"

16. Is there any minimum purchase amount set in "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
There is no minimum purchase amount is required. Delivery service will be provided. Please refer to "Delivery Details" for delivery fee.

17. Could customer check his/her past order records in "APITA UNY e-Shop"?
Of course. Please click into "My Account" -> "View the orders I have made", customer may check his/her records any time.

18. Could customer appoint a delivery date?
Customer may appoint a delivery date during order confirmation. Our staff will contact customer one day before the delivery date for arrangement.

19. How to arrange the delivery?
Upon order confirmation, our staff will contact customer by phone on day before customer specified delivery date. On date of delivery, our staff will call customer again to arrange delivery time. Customer may check with us by phone or e-mail.

20. Could customer order be delivered to other address which is not the registered address?
Yes, when shopping is finished, please enter into "Shopping Cart" and input new address into "Change Address", then click "Confirm".

21. How to cancel or refund the order?
For order cancellation or refund, please contact us at 2885-0331 or e-mail to Customer need to provide us the confirmed order number for our follow up action.

22. How to make suggestion or opinions?
Customer valuable suggestions and opinions could be directed to or contact us at 2885-0331.

23. What is the website of "APITA UNY ESHOP"?
The website is